The reason I chose makeup was because I love makeup. Makeup is a big part of me. I love doing my homework makes me feel good about myself. Not that i dont feel good without it i just feel so good when i do my makeup really good. A reason why i picked so many different dishes was because this is what i love to eat. These foods play a big part in my life. These are my to go favorite dishes. Nails i chose to put nails because i love getting my nails done. They just look so pretty. I chose to put jordans in my collage because that is my favorite show brand. All of my shoes are jordans. Netflix plays a big part also because i love to watch movies and shows. Last but no least i chose to put my favorite artist. I chose to put them here because these are the people i like to listen to. I feel like they get me through what im going through.


1/25sec,f/5.6,ISO3200,aperature priority,pattern metering
1/40sec,f/5.6,ISO3200,aperture priority pattern metering

1.the mode i used was auto focused


3. I added saturation to my photos

4. I would take the photos from different angles and add saturation to them

5. No I think they could be shared with people but not on the main page

Different Angles

I chose this picture because it really brings out the panda. Its blurry from the backround so that way we can focus on the panda. I love the angle this photo is shot in. The way this panda is postioned in this photo is also nice. It looks like hes just playing on the tree. Seems like hes having a good time.


I chose this photo because of the lines. I chose the second photo because it has 3 of my friends. I chose this photo because of the beach. I chose this photo also because the clouds look nice. The beach in general looks really nice.




I like this picture because it is really eye catching. It has a lot of color to it. I like the bus in the picture because it looks good. The reason I picked the tree is because its just really aesthetic. I like the picture with the leaf and the grass because it is nice