100 Most Influential

Starving Child And Vulture, Kevin Carter, 1993
The back story behind this picture is there was photographer walking by taking photos and all of us sudden he saw a toddler collapse to the floor and he was crying. The toddler was on his way to a food center. The photographer didnt help because he was told not to touch anyone because of a disease that was going around.
Falling Man, Richard Drew, 2001
The back story behind this image is during the 9/11 attack there was a man that jumped off the collapsing building of 9/11. He had been an employee in the building. He worked in the north tower.
Behind Closed Doors, Donna Ferrato, 1982
A husband and his wife were in the bathroom and he hit her while she hid in the corner. At this time there was another person in the room which is the photographer who took this picture.


1.The difference between JPEG and RAW is RAW files are significantly bigger than JPEG (and any other) image file formats.

2. Raw is bigger than JPEG.

3. Yes you can.

4. I would you use RAW because it would be easier to edit the photos in RAW than it woulf be in JPEG.

Studio Portraits with strobes and gels

I think this phot is very gorgeous. She looks like she is a model for a cover magazine. It looks like there was a grey drop back ground and they used a bit of white like I’m guessing. This picture is so pretty. I give props to whoever took this photo. It giver very much professional vibes. It looks like someone professional took this photo. Its very nice. She is also a very beautiful subject.

Poetry & Your Photography

I chose these words because i use it in my daily life it teaches me that in life theres things that are going to test you and people that are going to try to bring you down but if you know your potential and what you can do to always just stay true to yourself and believe in you and what you have nobody can ever take it away from you.


Silhouette is used for “adding glamor and intensity” to photos. This is done by making a very bright background and the subject stands in the front making it appear black. This makes the dark subject stand out from the simple background. When reading this article, I found out that Silhouetting can take a simple photo of something seem more dramatic by making the subject look lonely or making the subject look more peaceful. If you are doing this, it might be difficult to show emotions through facial expressions so you may have to use hand gestures or poses to show it. It is possible to make silhouettes outside and not in the studio by facing the camera to the sun, but it may be difficult to do so, which is why doing them in the studio might be the best option. Manual mode is the best mode for automatic cameras because the camera would try to adjust the background and make it look normal.